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Just wanted to drop a link to my blog, where I am currently selling second-hand posters and giving away magazine clippings of Yuma and other Js. If you are interested, please have a look and drop me a message!

Looking for Chapter 1 Tour DVDRip

Good afternoon fellow Yuma-lovers.

I was unable to get a hold of the DVD Tour (because it was only available through Johnny's I think).  Does anyone have a copy that they can share or have a file/link to one that I can get myself?  I'm in America.  At the time of release, the DVD/BR was not being sold on CDJapan, so I couldn't buy it myself and my ebay still doesn't have any listed.

Thank you.


hello, i was wondering where can i find more videos of yuma? is there any fansub out there for yuma?
is really hard now a days to find anything related to yuma or fansub, or translations, can anybody help me?


Hi there!
I was wondering if there are Spanish speakers in this group. The latest drama of Yuma is now available with Spanish subtitles. The episodes are online.

Credits: Yuma Nakayama México
Originally posted by asadajunya at MYOJO (2017.04) YUMA, JO AND KAZUYA CROSSTALK
I was surprised seeing these three together and IT IS JUST SO PRECIOUS. :)

Credits: yoshiko_mama

Yuma_Myojo_201704_01 - Copy.jpg

It is tough to play outside

These three didn’t see each other for a long time.
They are having a private TALK @ Osaka during Yuma's first solo concert (2015) and after the participation of Fujiwara and Ohashi when they went to the stage and their bond. Yuma had come back to Osaka after a long time and with these two together, they had played baseball – a talk with lots Osaka-ben!

Did the two shrieked upon knowing that Yuma was trained in baseball!?

Nakayama:     It was fun. These two we’re good – I was moved. (lol)
Fujiwara:         You didn’t move! I was moved! We we’re working on our own. It has become just like that (*pissed*).
Ohashi:           I had reached the limit of my physical strength, I played baseball since middle school. But it’s fun to throw (the ball) and to hit it from time to time; I also like the “kan” sound of it.
Fujiwara:         Soyakedo, Yuma is really going easy. He was smiling while striking a knock, it feels like a DO-S NAKAYAMA YUMA.
Nakayama:     Hahaha. I also wanted to play baseball properly. There used to be a grass baseball team at my hometown, a group of boys baseball still gathers together up until now to play.
Fujiwara:         Eeee~ Ii naaa~.
Nakayama:     But they’re a regular team who had won the championship at the district tournament, a normal carefree guy like me can’t just participate.
Fujiwara:         When we become like this when we play, we don’t have a good expression about (this game of) baseball and soccer.
Ohashi:           I go to the batting center, game center or bowling (alley), or any indoor (game) establishments.
Fujiwara:         It’s a fresh reverse riverbed baseball. (?) And tomorrow we’ll begin to think that its really fun.
Ohashi:           When everyone assembles, I enjoy playing outside.
Nakayama:     I often play catch ball, it has become a habit that I do every other day with a friend, playing catch and soccer at Yoyogi Park.
Fujiwara:         I’m doing body movements and (some) playing.
Nakayama:     Now, it seems like that. It seems that it has been a while since I last stayed at home.
Fujiwara:         We haven’t visited for a while but, I have a feeling that we’ll be there soon.

Is there a proof that there’s a change at the tone of the Kansai ben!?

Fujiwara:         It has been a while since you’ve return to Osaka, right?
Nakayama:     The number of buildings that I don’t know had increased.
Fujiwara:         Subways (underground stations) and shopping malls had increased, the shop assistants are also enthusiastic.
Ohashi:           I’m grateful, Osaka. (T/N: ガツガツ (gatsugatsu) means greedy or have a burning desire for something, I interpreted it in a positive way instead.)
Nakayama:     Certainly, it has become a little bit noisy. (lol)
Fujiwara:         Is that so!? I’ve went to Tokyo for a week and when I have arrived at Shin-Osaka, I’m relieved.
Ohashi:           Ah, wakaru! That relieving feeling.
Fujiwara:         They line up at the right side of the escalator properly. In Tokyo, everyone stands at the left side and I’m at the opposite.
Nakayama:     I also did that when I’ve started going to Tokyo. I always wanted to come home to Osaka on a day trip. Even though I came to Osaka, its bothersome to come home that’s what I thought. (lol)
Fujiwara:         I don’t understand that kind of feeling, someday maybe I will? Also, to be used with those escalators… But, Yuma’s Osaka-ben didn’t change even though the place had (changed).
Nakayama:     Uhm. It didn’t change even though the tone (or intonation) had changed.
Ohashi:           I see.
Nakayama:     Local friends were lying on my house for about two months, but I started using the normal (language), so I’ll be easily understood. (lol)
Fujiwara:         Well, Tokyo is cool. As Kansai Jr. I want to go to Tokyo even though Tokyo Jr. says I want to go to Osaka and both changes alternately.
Ohashi:           But Osaka has UFJ.
Fujiwara:         You said USJ but you don’t even go to the bank!  But this time I want us three people to go shopping too. I want to go to the clothes shop and try to coordinate with each other. I say to Yumahow about this?
Nakayama:     It’s totally fine. The coordination between the two of us is good.
Fujiwara:         Just like this guy mannequin’s wearing or with pears.
Ohashi:           I want to play baseball again.
Nakayama:     Yeah, I want to do it seriously.
Ohashi:           I did not mean it today.
Nakayama:     Hahaha. But since I had concentrated this time on baseball, I can forget everything else and just refresh this. (T/N: He just wanted to concentrate on playing baseball at the moment. XD)
Fujiwara and Ohashi: See you again.

CROSS POSTED BETWEEN: funky_8 nakayama_yuma kansai_juniors

subs for HOKUTO

Hi everyone!
I would like to pick up the subs for HOKUTO-aru satsujin-sha no kaishin-
Check updates on this link thanks :)


[help wanted] QC subs for Haunted Campus


I didn't see anything against a post like this in the rules, but if there is I'm sorry!

I've just finished subs for Haunted Campus by ear and with the assistance of Chinese subs, but I was wondering if anyone could check them for me before I post them? Preferably someone fluent in both Japanese and English.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Haunted Campus movie download

Hello! It's my first time posting here. :)

I've stumbled upon an FB post while I was browsing yesterday and it's a download link of Yuma's latest movie, Haunted Campus.
I just thought of posting it here so, please redirect to this post~


Also, I haven't seen someone uploaded here the mp3 of "Feeling Me Softly".
So, I had uploaded mine and it's here:

HERE. ;)

That would be all. ;)
Have a nice day.

Feeling Me Softly Lyrics (Kanji + English)

Hi, I have translated Feeling Me Softly! :) Please feel free to check it out here on my journal, if you'd like! 

[scans] Haunted Campus Pamphlet

Here's my scanned copy of Yuma's latest movie, Haunted Campus.


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